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"Neuro Growth Reishi  Spore Oil  makes symptoms of nervousness and anxious feelings go away SO quickly, replaced by a deep sense of calm. It’s super easy to take. This really is a level above everything else."

- Renée G, University Student

Reishi Spore Oil Gel Capsules


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No Fillers, 100% Pure, Organic, Reishi Spore Oil

Get Zen AF

Quickly restores peace and calm during stressful events.

Namaste All Day

Highly potent with long lasting effects so you can be productive and focused.

Melt Away Stress

Beat stress anywhere with convenient fast absorbing gel capsules.

When you take Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil you unlock your body's natural ability to unwind, relax, and enjoy the moment. Non-sedative. No harmful stimulants. Manage your stress with a smart choice. Your mind and body will reward you!



According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, by the age of 40, half of Canadians report struggling with mental health. It's never too late to feel enjoyment in your everyday life, take control over stressful situations and feel connected to the people around you. Transform your life in seconds a day. Pop it, crush it, and melt away stress.


Reishi mushroom helps protect the mind and body from symptoms of stress from Day 1.

Reishi is the most studied superfood tonic herb in the world. It is used daily by millions of people and has been taken to combat stress for centuries.

About The Product

Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil is

  • Nature's Answer to Stress. Contains approximately 29.2% triterpenes, a stress-reducing natural compound that is nearly non-existent in other forms of reishi.
  • Crazy potent. So it Works. Many people feel more relaxed immediately and the longer you take it, the more effectively it works. 
  • Flow State Magic. When you need to get into the zone, reishi spore oil helps you focus. Reishi mushroom is a tonic herb that is safe for daily use.*
  • Recharge Your Vital Energy. Brain fog, fatigue and irritability? Emotionally drained? Stay in a healthy state of zen when you take Reishi Spore Oil. Bring back your vitality by nourishing the Jing, Qi (Chi) and Shen, your Three Treasures of health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Start feeling like yourself again and improve your well-being.

Research Suggests 

Reishi Spore Oil
Works The
First Time
You Take It†

Click on the image above to reveal a study on the effects of Reishi Spores on cancer-related stress.

Your Physical and Mental Health Are Your Greatest Assets

We know reducing stress is key to living a long, healthy life.

Neuro Growth 100% Pure - Organic Reishi Spore Oil uses ancient herbal wisdom to bring you relaxation and calm.

What Others Have To Say

"I am absolutely amazed... it just put me in a complete state of relaxation." -Alex W.

His strategy incorporates Reishi Spore Oil for calm and balance...

"When I tried Neuro Growth Reishi Spore Oil for the first time I was very stressed, had a foggy brain, and was also experiencing fatigue. I let 1 gel cap sit in my mouth until it was fully dissolved.

After about 30 minutes I started to feel the soothing effects- my mind started to clear, my chest started to feel light and I had some pep in my step. I also felt relief from the anxiousness I was experiencing.

Reishi Spore Oil absorbed quickly and kicked in fast for me.

The next time I tried Reishi Spore Oil I took 2 gel caps and had the same effects but felt even more calm and balanced. This lasted about 6 hours for me!"

-Review from Jesse N., Raw Foods Chocolatier

"This is one of the fastest ways to get to that serenity of spirit and calmness of mind."
-Tyrone M, Rise Zen Shine


†These statements have not been evaluate by the FDA or  Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Always talk to your health care provider before making changes to your existing health and wellness protocols, especially if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking over-the-counter or prescription medications. Neuro Growth organic Reishi Spore Oil is produced by a proprietary process in a meticulously controlled setting to ensure this product is fresh, pure and potent.  It only contains the concentrated oil of reishi mushroom spores. As with all products, including natural ones, adverse reactions are possible and use of this product should be discontinued in the unlikely event they occur. The opinions of our customers are exclusively their own and do not constitute medical claims or recommended treatment plans or protocols.

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